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Nepal: Once is really not enough

When you are out of your home with luggage packed on your back, it is up to you to decide whether you want to limit yourself within the short range of 'tourist', who simply moves from one visiting spot to another following travel guides or simply sail yourself in the lap of nature to explore a land unknown and unseen to you. If you want to be an explorer, Nepal is a land that you cannot afford to ignore because nestled on the lap of the mighty Himalayas, this country will mesmerize you with its limitless charm and magic.

Situated in between Tibet and India, Nepal is without a doubt one of the picturesque places in Asia which offers nature lovers and shutterbugs enormous scope of enjoyment. However, putting the 'picturesque' tag will be a gross injustice when one sits to describe Nepal since it is only one of the countless adjectives that could be used to explain the tourism aspect of this landlocked country. Land of the Hindus, the Ranas, Nepal is a destination or a world that has got everything that an explorer looks for. Snow-capped mountain peaks is just to start with when one starts listing the attractions in Nepal. Thanks to its geographical location, Nepal is a place where you will discover a mix of cultures. Hindu temples and Buddhist pagodas, Tibetan people and their art and architecture, ethnic pieces of jewelry and ornaments, authentic Nepali cuisine and music, everything is beautifully jumbled up here making the place unique for people who love to explore cultures of destinations.

While roaming in the lanes of ancient Bhaktapur and Patan city, an explorer can read the pages of the country's rich history and architecture. Durbar Square, the busiest square in Kathmandu, the national capital is an art gallery in itself where stunning multi-storied temples with their fascinating artworks will simply leave you spellbound. Walk through the huge passage where temples stand like chess pieces and try to imagine this is the place where ancient kings and queens of Nepal once used to reside. If wildlife is your point of interest then there is a terrible dense forest of the Terra as well as the Chitwan forest. For adventure lovers, Nepal government offers chopper service that one can avail to fly across the breathtaking snow-capped mountain peaks standing one after up above the green world so high.

Pokhara is another prime destination in Nepal that one cannot afford to miss. Situated 200 kilometers away from the capital, Pokhara is Nepal's second largest city. Surrounded by high walls of green mountains, Pokhara wins the hearts of visitors with the fascinating Phewa Lake and the breathtaking view of the Macchapuchhare peak, the split twin peaks that look like a fishtail.

Word is not enough to describe Nepal, nor it is a place for travel guide reading tourists. Visit Nepal to explore it and discover its real beauty.

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The first image that pops up when one thinks about Nepal is the multi-storied beautiful, pagoda-shaped wooden temples of Kathmandu. Yes, the capital of Nepal is indeed its heart and a destination that somebody simply cannot afford to give a miss. Situated in central Nepal, the city of Kathmandu is surrounded by four mountains-the Shivapuri, Phulchoki, Nagarjun and Chandragiri, which offer visitors a terrific landscape at this bowl-shaped valley.



When you plan to take your family out on a vacation it is ideal to choose a destination that offers a complete package so that people of all age groups can have something to cherish. Nepal is exactly one such destination. Scenic beauty, which majority of tourist wishes to enjoy on a vacation is available at its best in Nepal. But the youngsters might be looking for adventure tourism. So there is Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal, which is a haven for trekkers.



Bumthang is one of the 20 districts (dzongkhag in Bhutanese) districts of the country and is certainly most historic, as far as ancient religious sites are concerned. Spread over a vast area, comprising four picturesque valleys-Ura, Chumey, Choekhor and Tang, the district of Bumthang is termed as the valley of beautiful girls by the local people. Bumthang or the Jakar Valley is situated at an altitude of around 14,800 feet and is recognized as the biggest spiritual region of the country.

Kailash Manasarovar-destination

Kailash Manasarovar

Being land in the care of high mountains, Bhutan is dominated by winter but Punakha is a place that provides some respite from the cold since it is situated at an altitude of 4430 feet, which is a comparatively low height. The geographical location of Punakha makes it a moderate climatic zone and that’s why it had been the winter capital of Bhutan in the past. Even today, Thimpu serves as the winter home to the monks of Paro and Thimpu and the famous spiritual leaders of Bhutan. Blessed by Mother Nature in the form of two rivers-Pho Chu and Mochu, Thimpu is a valley of fertile land and the biggest producer of red rice in the country.