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Sandakphu Trekking Package - 2023 Trekking Season Spl

Sandakphu Trek Booked from NatureWings - Trekking Specialist
Sandakphu Trekking Booking in October to December 2023 Trekking Season Specal
Sandakphu Trekking Package Booking at Best Price from NatureWings
Sandakphu Phalut Trekking and Camp Stay at Night with NatureWings
Sandakphu Trekking Package Booking Starting from Manebhanjan
Sandakphu Trek from Manebhanjan Booked from NatureWings - Singalila Trekking Specialist
Sandakphu Phalut Trekking Package Booking
Sandakphu Trek Booked from NatureWings - Trekking Specialist
Sandakphu Trekking Booking in October to December 2023 Trekking Season Specal
Sandakphu Trekking Package Booking at Best Price from NatureWings
Sandakphu Phalut Trekking and Camp Stay at Night with NatureWings
Sandakphu Trekking Package Booking Starting from Manebhanjan
Sandakphu Trek from Manebhanjan Booked from NatureWings - Singalila Trekking Specialist
Sandakphu Phalut Trekking Package Booking

Looking For Sandakphu Trekking Package from NJP in 2023 Trekking Season?

FOR REGISTER ☎ CALL : +91-97485 52505

Trekking Region : Sandakphu, Singalila National Park, Darjeeling, West Bengal

Sandakpuh Trekking Package Duration : 5 Nights & 6 Days

Places Covered in Sandakpuh Trekking : Manebhanjan-1N, Tumling-1N, Kalipokhri-1N, Sandakphu-1N, Srikhola-1N

Mountain Range : Singalila Ridge

Trekking Grade : Moderate

Max Altitude : : 11,930 Ft.

Trekking Distance : : 32 kms

Altitude of Mane Bhanjan : 1,928 m [26.9879° N, 88.1209° E]

Altitude of Tumling : 2,970m [27.0315° N, 88.0689° E]

Altitude of Gairibas : 2,621 m [27.0263° N, 88.8635° E]

Altitude of Kalipokhri : 3,186 m [27.0417° N, 88.0000° E]

Altitude of Sandakphu : 3,636 m [27.0600° N, 88.0000° E]

Altitude of Phalut : 3,595 m [27.1711° N, 88.0200° E]

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Located at 3,636m or 11,926 ft above sea level, Sandakphu is the highest point of West Bengal inside Darjeeling district having a close border with Nepal. Sandakphu Trek is referred as the best trekking route in the world from where you can behold the long panoramic view of the Himalayan Mountain Range with tallest four 8,000+ meter peaks - The Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kanchenjungha.

There are no such view points in the world from where you can see the four highest eight thousander plus peaks in the world and that of also with a moderate trek. That's why Sandakphu Trekking is so crazy among trekkers and adventure lovers from every corner of the world.

Sandakphu throws open an incredible panorama of world's highest snowline, swerving from the snow ensconced peaks of Nepal to Bhutan and farther east to Tibet. The trek route zigzags along the Singalila National Park and Indo-Nepal border, often making this trip thrilling. Basically you will never know when you are in Nepal and when in India. No boundaries, no check post, no guns, no red eyes of army jawans, no fear – its sheer thrill in every curve of your trek. Innumerable birds, flora and wildness of pure nature are enough to fascinate you by every means.

The Sandakphu Trekking Route is not really out of civilization's way. Lined with quaint localities of Indians and Nepalese citizen side by side even through long winters this Sandakphu Phalut Trek and Tourism run round the year. Sandakphu Phalut Trekking route is logical, realistic, and safe.

Sleeping Buddha aka Mt. Kanchenjungha as seen from Sandakphu Trekking Package from NJP. The head is Mt. Kumbhakarna, body is Mt. kanchenjungha and the leg is Mt. Pandim


The four great of the greatest mountain peaks in the world can be viewed from the Sandakpu Top. They are:

Mt. Makalu – One of the eight-thousanders of the world and the fifth highest peaks stand at an altitude of 27, 838 ft. visible in the right side of Mt. Everest from Sandakphu summit on a clear day.

Mt. Lhotse- In Tibetan means "south peak" is the fourth highest peaks (27,940ft / 8,516 m) in the world that can be seen from Sandakphu view point just left of the Mt. Everest.

Mt. Everest- The world's highest peak (8,848m / 29,031.7 ft) standing majestically over the Mt. Makalu and Mt. Lhotse. A pair of powerful binoculars from Phalut trekking point will bring this glorious ice capped mountain even closer.

Mt. Kanchenjungha - The most prized peaks that lured every trekker in this trekking route is Mt. Kanchenjungha. Standing height at (8,586 m / 28,169 feet) this majestic peaks can be behold from a hand pick distances on a clear day. Literarily known as the Sleeping Buddha with other clusters of its family, it will play hide and seek as you approach towards the range. From Phalut, the cluster is so close that you can feel like touching the mountains. That's the magic of Sandakphu Phalut Trekking.

Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse and mt. Makalu as seen from Sandakphu Trekking Package booked from Bangalore with natureWings


OriginDestinationDistanceTravel Time by Trek
ManebhanjanChitre3 km1.5 hrs
ChitreTumling11 km4-6 hrs
TumlingGairibas9 km1.30-2.30 hrs
GairibasKalipokhri6 km3-4 hrs
KalipokhriSandakphu6 km3-4 hrs
ManebhanjanSandakphu32 km2 to 3 days
SandakphuPhalut20.6 km5/6 hrs


different elevation to note for sandakphu trekking booked from NatureWings




Train NoTrain NameDep. StnDep. TimeArr. StnArr. Time
12343Darjeeling MailSealdah (SDAH)22:05New Jalpaiguri Jn (NJP)08:15
12377Padatik ExpressSealdah (SDAH)23:00New Jalpaiguri Jn (NJP)09:15
13149Kanchan Kanya ExpressSealdah (SDAH)20:30New Mal Jn(NMZ)09:31
13147UttarBanga ExpressSealdah (SDAH)19:35Falakata (FLK)08:38
13141Teesta Torsa ExpressSealdah (SDAH)13:40New Maynaguri (NMX)04:22
12345SaraiGhat ExpressHowrah (HWH)15:50New Jalpaiguri (NJP)01:40
12517Garib RathKolkata (KOOA)21:40New Jalpaiguri (NJP)07:45




Like ascending, descending is also very important for any trekking. Sandkphu is not exceptional. There is lots of option that trekkers can choose. First please check the map:

sandakphu trekking route map to understand the trekking region and elevation

Sandakphu   →   Srikhola   →   Rimbik   →   Dhotrey   →   Manebhanjan   →   Mirik   →   NJP / Badgogra

This is one of the most popular return routes from Sandakphu Trekking Package. It passes via Gurdum to timbury village to Srikhola. The route as per distances is like:

Sandakphu to Gurdum - 10km [4 hrs trek]
Gurdum to Srikhola (6900ft) - 6km [2 hrs trek] (night stay preferable)
Srikhola to Rimbik (6500 ft) - 7km [by Car]
Rimbik to Manebhanjan - 43 km
Manebhanjan to NJP / Bagdogra - 125km (4.30 hrs)

Sandakphu   →   Sabargram   →   Molley   →   Rammam   →   Srikhola   →   Rimbik   →   Dhotrey   →   Manebhanjan   →   Mirik   →   NJP / Badgogra

Sandakphu to Sabargram (Sabarkum) - 14km
Sabargram to Molley - 8km
Molley to Rammam - 11km
Rammam to Srikhola - 12km
Srikhola to Rimbik - 7km
Rimbik to Manebhanjan - 43 km
Manebhanjan to NJP / Bagdogra - 125km (4.30 hrs)

Sandakphu   →   Bikheybhanjan   →   Rimbik   →   Dhotrey   →   Manebhanjan   →   Mirik   →   NJP / Badgogra

Sandakphu to Bikheybhanjan - 4km
Bikheybhanjan to Rimbik (6500 ft) – 15km (4 hrs trek)
Rimbik to Manebhanjan – 43 km (3 hrs by jeep)
Manebhanjan to NJP / Bagdogra – 125km (4.30 hrs)

Sandakphu   →   Sabargram   →   Phalut   →   Gorkey   →   Rammam   →   Srikhola   →   Rimbik   →   Dhotrey   →   Manebhanjan   →   Mirik   →   NJP / Badgogra

(NOTE: This is considered as longest Route)

Sandakphu to Sabargram - 14km
Sabargram to Phalut - 7km
Phalut to Gorkey - 15km
Gorkey to Rammam - 9km
Rammam to Srikhola - 12km
Srikhola to Rimbik - 7km
Rimbik to Manebhanjan - 43 km (3 hrs by jeep)
Manebhanjan to NJP / Bagdogra - 125km (4.30 hrs)

Now, if you want, you can return from Sandakphu to Manebhanjan by Land Rover also. It's merely 2 hrs drives by majestic British Era Heritage Land Rover. From Manebhanjan, take another shared car to reach Sukhiapokhri and from there up to NJP / Siliguri / Bagdogra. It is the shortest route to get down from Sandakphu top.


To get permission for Trekking in Singalila National Park, you need to obtain a permit which executive from NatureWings will provide. Trekker's don't need to worry of it except providing the photocopy of any government identity like Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport etc. Without this pass, no one can enter in the trekking region as it is full of wild animals.

If you are travelling Sandakphu & Phalut by Land Rover, you must carry original and photocopy of your government approved identification like Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport etc. You need to produce them to NatureWings executive before boarding to Land Rover from Manebhanjan. Our executive will prepare the required permit and tickets to enter Singalila Nation Park. Even you need to show your documents and pass to various check post guarded by SSB Jawans.

PLEASE NOTE : It is advisable to carry all documents in a transparent plastic cover so that it doesn't get wet if it rains. Apart from the documents, trekkers need to carry various essentials things and accessories like Trekking Shoes, Backpack, trek pants, Sunglasses, Suncap, hand gloves, Socks (3 pairs), Headlamp, Rainwear, Rain cover for your backpack, Toilet kit having toothbrush, toothpaste, small soap, toilet tissue roll, moisturizer, lip balm, roll-on deodorant, sanitary napkin pads etc.

PLEASE NOTE : All trekkers are requested to bring back all sanitary waste, bottles, wrappers etc with them in a zipped bag, don't pollute the mountains and trekking trails. Take only memories, Leave only Footprints.


sandakphu trekking through narrow trail of singalila national park

DAY 1 – NJP / BAGDOGRA TO MANEBHANJAN [2 hr 46 min (80.4 km)]

It's the first day of your Sandakphu Trek. As many of you will be coming from different parts of India rather world, so first we will meet at NJP Station or Siliguri Station. A warm welcome by our representative. After a short briefing and a small tea break, we will be heading towards our next destination – Mane Bhanjan.

NOTE: from Siliguri Station we can go up to Darjeeling more with small Toto rickshaw or Auto. Our Car will be waiting there. From Darjeeling more, we will board our car to rise up the hill and will reach our destination Mane Bhanjan.

From plain (NJP / Siliguri / Bagdogra) to the hills the journey is very enjoyable with sukna forest on both side, beautifully decorated army camps, the forest of Sal and Teak on both side, innumerable tea gardens, small huts of local people beautifully decorated with seasonal flower and of course ever smiling little children’s of hills.

After reaching Ghum Station, we will take left turn and proceed through Lepcha Jagat – a beautiful place shaded with lush green pine forest, Sukhia Pokhari, Simana Bazar and then we will reach Mane Bhanjan - A small hamlet adjacent to Indo Nepal border.

ManeBhanjan is the gateway for your most awaited Sandakphu Trek. From NJP/Siliguri/Bagdogra, you will be reaching Mane Bhanjan around 1 to 1.30pm depending upon the road and weather condition. As many of you will be coming from far distances, we will spend the night here. After lunch take rest. Put on your Jackets or Pull over (as you are almost 1900m above sea level, you will experience chill wind) and set out to roam round the vicinity of Mane Bhanjan. There is small Buddhist Pagoda where you can visit, hear the sound of flattering flags in high winds. In the evening, stroll around the hamlet. Leisure and night stay at the hotel / home stay in Mane Bhanjan.

NOTE: Here one thing to remember that Mane Bhanjan is the hub of Singalila Land Rover Association with a fleet of 45 half century old British period giant beast. Though most of the iconic green color is faded away with the span of time, and has been replaced with metallic shinning silver sheet, but the charm and credibility is the same. They are the life line of this hilly rock paved roads.

manebhanjan, the first stop over of sandakphu trekking from njp booked from NatureWings


With early morning wake up and a cup of hot tea, say Goooood Morning to Maney Bhanjan. With freshen up and breakfast done, get ready with your Rucksack. Take a last minute check. If required any gadgets (trekking boots, gloves, climbing helmet, trekking sticks etc), you can buy it from here.

Then let's assemble at a place and start the Trek. Our next destination wills be Tumling or Tonglu (depending upon availability, weather and requisition). It is almost 13 km trek via Chitrey, Meghma and Tonglu.

Chitrey - It is a small picturesque village just 3 km from Mane Bhanjan. Located at a height of 8340ft above sea level, Chitrey is a wonderful hamlet and its serenity will mesmerize every traveler and trekker. Surrounded by high forest in one side and wide spread meadow other side the view from Chitrey is really spell bound.

Meghma - Is also a pristine small hamlet in the route of Sandakphu Trekking Package. Located at a height of 9,514ft and 9 km from Mane Bhanjan, most of the time this place remain hidden under carpet of cloud hence got the name as "Megh" means cloud in local language. Mother Nature has packed this place with all her treasures. This place is so beautiful that travelers get spellbound and wish to come here again and again.

Tumling - This place is regarded as the halt for all trekkers way to Sandakphu. Geographically located in Nepal with merely 15 people in total, this is a small hamlet and gateway to the Singalila National Park. Located at 10,000ft or 2970m from sea level, this is a great view point. In a clear sunny day, Mt. Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from here. Sun Rise on a clear sunny day is also mesmerizing.

After reaching Tumling, take rest. Stroll the surroundings. You are in Nepal and most of the families here are Gurung community. It's a great place for photography and photo session. Evening free for leisure. Do whatever you want. Take rest, sing song, play guitar and take part in antakshari, arrange camp fire, dance around it and get warm-up. After all it will be shivering cold at night. From evening, the temperature start to fall and within night it becomes sub zero sometime. Sweet dream at Tumling.

tumling as seen beautiful with the concrete road on the way to sandakphu trekking from Bagdogra booked from NatureWings

DAY 3 – TUMLING TO KALIPOKHRI [12km / 6-8 hrs]

With a very good morning at Tumling, try to catch the amazing view of early morning Sun rise from Tumling view point. Stroll around the concrete road and feel the freshness of air. Intake the pure oxygen as much as you can. You can perform Yogasana or Surya Namasker also.

Complete your breakfast, check your backpack and start trekking for Kalipokhri. From here Kalipokhri is almost 12km. It is a wonderful road up to Singalila National Park Check Post (1 km from Tumling and here you have to show your permits). Keeping Singalila National Park on your right side and Nepal on your left you will trek through the wonderful serpentine rocky narrow path full of small bamboo and rhododendron. If your trekking time is between Marchs to June, then you will get the best bloom of rhododendron everywhere.

From Singalila National Park gate, trekkers usually choose the left turn and trek up to Jhaubari. It is almost 5 km and the entire trekking route is in Nepal. The nature view on the route is extremely beautiful, serene, calm, windy and chill. Though out this trek, you may not encounter with any other living creature on this earth except dogs and wild mule. After 6 km trek you will reach Jhaubari – a small settlement with 5 to 6 homestay. You can take some rest if you need.

From Jhaubari you have to take the right side road up to Gairibas. It is almost 1km down steep road. Trekkers generally take a small tea or Momo break here. After having little rest, again proceed towards Kalipokhri – your next destination. The journey is extremely thrilling through the dense bamboo forest with moderate trek. Within next 2 km you will reach Kayakatta, a small settlement to take rest and Lunch. From Kayakatta, Kalipohri is almost 4 km. A moderate trekking is required, you may be exhausted but the scenery and view on your both side will mesmerize you on your entire journey. So many unknown flowers everywhere will welcome you with their grandeur. Exhausted you will reach Kalipokhri. The name Kali means Black and Pokhri means Pond. Hence it is named as Kali Pokhri. The pond is very sacred to the local Nepali people. You will find small stone stupa on the brink of the pokhri.

Take rest. Day is free for leisure. Enjoy the vicinity around Pokhri. It is awesome and best for selfie and photo session also. Night will be freezing cold. So take early dinner and go to bed.

the beautiful and sacred lake of kalipokhri with prayer flags over the lake waters - Sandakphu Trekking booked from NatureWings


After a chilling night, try to get up early if you want to behold the magnificent Sunrise from Kalipokhri. Return back to home stay. Complete your breakfast with hot ginger tea and start for the final part of your trek. Almost 6 hrs steep trekking route through the rocky boulder road is waiting for you.

With one and half hrs steep trekking you will reach Bikhey Bhanjang, a small hamlet where you can take little rest. As it is almost 10k+ altitude, trekking seems very tough as oxygen level drops. So proper rest is a must time to time. From Bikehy bhanjan, the "Valley of Poison" starts. It is because that in this region various type of poisonous herbs and shrubs grow, so better not to touch any colorful plants no matter how small it is.

From Bikhey Bhanjang, Sandakphu is another 4km. The trekking may be strenuous, but the natural beauty will fill your heart with joy and happiness. Every turn in this path is awesome, beautiful with jaw dropping cinerary. Enjoy it. After all you are here for that. Then suddenly the mile stone will appear before you with Sandakphu = 0Km. Yes, you are almost done. You are at the top of West Bengals highest point.

Sandakphu is a window to one of the finest view of the snowy mountains, from the mighty Everest in Nepal, to the revered Khangchendzonga in Sikkim and the legendary Chomolhari in the Bhutan. The whole snowy range of Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal about 320km in length, a wonderful square mass of mountains looking like a wall of snow is visible but the gigantic height and breadth of touring Khangchendzonga with its attendant peaks, Kabru, Jannu and Pandim dominate the scene.

Take rest, enjoy the view for what you are doing this hard work for last three days. Behold the mesmerizing view of the entire Himalayan range with the Great Mt. Kanchenjungha calling you in front. Good Night sleep at home stays at Sandakphu.

the majestic sleeping buddha as seen from sandakphu trekking package from njp booked from NatureWings


Today we will start our return journey from Sandakphu. It will be another wonderful day as we will be trekking though some magnificent route that’s worth depicting. First we will set out for Gurdum which is almost 10km and can be trekked within 4 hrs through the dense Singalila forest full of blooming Rhododendron, Oaks and Chestnut trees. The path is extremely beautiful, full of serenity and carpeted with flowers of rhododendron between April to June.

Gurdum is a tiny picturesque hamlet at an altitude of 7150ft. Very small number of families live here. Having surrounded by dense forest, the ambience of the village is awesome and great spot to enjoy the nature’s beauty. After reaching here, take rest and have lunch at Sherpa Himalayan Lodge.

After an hour of lunch break, we will start towards Srikhola which is nearly 2 hrs trek. SriKhola is another wonderful place to behold. With an altitude of 6900ft, it's a tiny village with a beautiful mountain streams. Here to mention that in local language the word "khola" means "Stream". After reaching Srikhola, either you can take rest or can roam around the beautiful streams; in the evening you can enjoy campfire besides the stream also. It's a wonderful experience. We will spend the night at Srikhola.


With a hot cup of tea / coffee say good morning to Srikhola. Roam around the vicinity and experience the morning glory once for all as we will start our final decent soon. After breakfast take a shared vehicle to NJP / Siliguri / Bagdora via Rimbik, Manebhanjan, Sukhiapokhri and Mirik. It will be a long journey; almost 160km and can take 6 to 7 hrs. Here your Sandakphu Trekking Package from NJP ends with sweet memories.

Sandakphu Phalut Trekking route with rhododendron


  →   Accommodation is on twin sharing basis

  →   Meals : All meal (During trekking Veg meal will be prvided)

  →   Transfers from one place to another

  →   Vehicle will be provided based on the itinerary

  →   All permits and applicable taxes

  →   Guide Charges

Phalut top as seen during Sandakphu Phalut Trekking Package from NJP


  →   Entrance fees at the monuments / temples / monastery

  →   Meals not mentioned in inclusions

  →   Train Fare, Air Fare

  →   Porter / Pony Services

  →   Any kind of insurance

  →   Any increase in the govt. and state taxes

  →   Personal expenses

  →   Anything not mentioned in the itinerary

Snow capped Himalayan mountain range as seen from Sandakphu Trekking


  →   Anyone person irrespective of gender above the age of 12 with sporting abilities can join this trekking

  →   First time trekkers and adventure lovers also can join provided they should have love and interest in trekking

  →   The trekkers must be physically fit and have sufficient stamina to trek 5 to 6km without a break and stress

  →   The trekkers should be able to carry approx 10 kg backpack through ups and downs of the hills

  →   Persons having high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, vertigo will not be allowed to participate in trekking


  →   On day 1, you have to reach NJP/BAGDOGRA within 9 to 9.30am and on the day of return, you will reach NJP/BAGDOGRA around 4 to 5 pm. So arrange your train or flight ticket accordingly.

  →   Trekkers can customize their trip with Darjeeling and its sightseeing points like Lepcha Jagat, Lamahatta, Sitong, and Toy train Joy Ride, Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway Ride etc. For that contact with NatureWings while booking your Sandakphu Trekking Package.

  →   The last ATM that you can avail is in Sukhiapokhri (and that of no guarantee of cash due to link failure). It will be wise decision to withdraw adequate amount of cash from NJP/Siliguri/Bagdogra and make the cash in small denomination.

  →   You are requested to carry at least 2 SIM card. Though most of the mobile network work here, but at the top of Sandakphu and Phalut Indian mobile network sometime disappear. Only Nepalese mobile network work here fine. You can use them on request to the hotel or trekkers hut owners.

  →   Generally during the entire trek, we keep our guests at homestay or trekkers hut. But if you want to spend the night in camp under beautiful starry sky, make it confirm while booking.

  →   Carry important medicine for fever, cough, dizziness, vomiting, band-aid, ORS etc.

  →   Carry enough bottled water while on trekking and drink adequate water.

  →   While trekking, there will be no modern toilet facility. So be mentally prepared for that.

  →   Carrying raincoat is a must. It will be better if you can use waterproof trekking Suit.

  →   Try to wear bright colour trekking suit and also choose your rucksack in bright colour. It will help to locate you easily in tough time.


MonthMax TempMIn Temp




Q. Which is the nearest hospital in Sandakphu?

First thing to note that from the origination point, i.e. from Sandakphu Trekking Package from NJP or from Manebhanjan, you will not find any modern Hospital. If any emergency arrives, you need to come down either to Rimbik or to Sukhiapokhri.

From Sandakphu to Rimbik the distance is almost 25km. You need to stay one night at Gurdum before reaching to Rimbik via Srikhola.

Let's understand the distance:
Sandakphu to Gurdum (7250ft) - 10km
Gurdum to Srikhola - 6km
Srikhola to Rimbik (6500 ft) - 7km

The Health Center in Rimbik is:
Rimbik SC Health Sub-center
Rimbick Sc Govt Building
Above Rimbick Higher Secondary School
Darjeeling Pulbazar Bijanbari, Darjeeling Pulbazar, Darjiling, West Bengal 734201

Another nearest Hospital is at Sukhiapokhri. You need to drive down from Sandakphu to SukhiaPokhri through Manebhanjan. You can book a Land Rover or any four wheelers from Sandakphu to Manebhanjan and from Manebhanjan take another car and reach Sukhiapokhri. From Sandakphu to Sukhia Pokhri the distance is almost 40km and takes nearly 3 hrs. It is the shortest way to get down from Sandakphu if any medical emergency appears. The facility is:

Sukhia Pokhri Govt Hospital
Address: Sukhia Pokhari, West Bengal 734221

Sukhiapokhri Block Hospital
Address: Alipurduar Rd, Sukhia Pokhari, West Bengal 734221

Q. How far is Sandakphu from Darjeeling?

The distance can be divided in two parts.
1st - Sandakphu Trekking / Sandakphu Land Rover Tour generally start from Manebhanjan which is 25 km from Darjeeling via Ghum and Sukhiapokhri.

2nd - Manebhanjan to Sandakphu is almost 32km. So the distance between Darjeeling to Sandakphu is about 55km in total.

Q. Can I opt for Sandakphu Phalut Trek between September to ends to December?

Yes, absolutely, according to suggestion of NatureWings, Sandakphu is best trekked between end of September to end of November or 1st half of December. During this time air is cool, pleasant and fog free. Mountain views are best seen at this time. The chances to behold the exquisite beauty of entire Himalayan Mountain range along with four 8000+ meters peak (Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lohtse, and Mt. Kanchenjungha) can be visible clearly from Sandakphu at this time only. The possibilities are 100% crystal clear view.

PLEASE NOTE : As this is the Durga Puja Holiday Season in Bengal, Bengalis prefer to travel Sandakphu this time via Darjeeling either by Booking Sandakphu Land Rover Package Tour from NatureWings or by booking Sandakphu Trekking Package. Apart from that trekkers from different parts of India and the world prefer to trek here in September to November.

Q. Is Sandakphu Phalut trekking safe?

In the hands of NatureWings, any trek for Sandakphu and Phalut is safe. We cater top level arrangements in terms of homestay, trekkers hut, experience guide and porters, permit, equipments and safety norms. For any urgent evacuation we also remain alert all the time with Land Rover. So as per safety issue, Sandakphu Trek is 100% safe.

Q. What is the special in Sandakphu Phalut Trek?

Sandakphu is just at 11,950ft above sea level. So in terms of height, it may not look so impressive to any experienced trekker. What makes Sandakphu so special is its location from where you can see four highest peaks in the world standing in a same place.
Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kanchenjungha are the peaks which stand majestically in a wide range and can be viewed from Sandakphu Top. That’s why Sandakphu Trek is so special.

Q. How long is Sandakphu trek?

From origination point of Mane Bhanjan (elevation 1,928 m / 6,325 ft), the distance of Sandakphu (elevation 11,950 ft / 3636m) is 32kms. A moderate trekking is required to cover this distance and generally it is done in 3 days i.e. spending 1 night in Tumling/Tonglu and 1 night in Kalipokhri.

Q. How to book Sandakphu Trekking Package?

First tak to our Sandakphu Trekking expert, plan your trek, register your name and pay 25% of your total Sandakphu Trekking Package Cost. Thats it. You are done. Our trek co-ordinator will in be touch with you and guide you as per schedule.

Q. What shall be the temperature of Sandakphu in November and December?

If you wish to trek Sandakphu during November and December (it is considered as best time to trek), then please be noted that you are going to experience Zero or sometime Sub-Zero temperature. It is freezing cold on top of Sandakphu at night. In deccember it may be as low as -15°C. So keep adequate clothe and equipment to keep you warm.

Q. What should be the preparation for Sandakphu Trek?

Most trek route in Sandakphu is flat walks. If you start from Manebhanjan then first 30 minutes trek up to Chitre has little steep. From Chitre to Tumling most of the treks' path has little ups, and down with moderate flat walk on the meadow, and through the deep forest with wild bamboo and rhododendron. From Tumling to Gairibas also it has fewer ups and downs. Then your trek will start from Gairibas to Kalipokhari with moderate walk on bolder path. Then your actual ascend starts from Kalipokhri to Sandakphu. It has steep ascends and many hair pins curve. So, to trek the entire path of 32 km you need at least a month longs preparation, and good fitness to avoid any misadventure or medical emergency during your Sandakphu Trek.

Q. What are the things to pack for Sandakphu trek?

Before trekking, very carefully you have to pack your rucksack. The list may be long, yet the most important may be like : jackets, Waterproof jacket with hood, tracksuit, hiking shoes, pair of socks & underwear, toilet paper, towel, trekking gloves, trekking caps, snow glasses and sunglasses, trekking sticks, water bottle, water purifying tablets, headlamp, torch, candles, matches / lighters, binocular, camera, knife, first aid kit, moisturizer, dry foods, chocolate, candy etc.

Q. What will be the food type during Sandakphu trek?

This is notable that Veg and Non-Veg, both type of meal can be availed during the trek. Mainly Rice, Dal, Chapati, Roti, Sabji, Egg curry, Egg Omlet, Chicken curry etc is served where you stay. On top of Sandakphu, in Sunrise Hotel and Restaurant, you can avail Chinese dishes also like Chow mein (hakka & gravy), Fried Rice, Chicken Kabab, Chicken Tikka, French Fries, Rice, Dal, Papad, Salad, Egg Curry, Tawa Roti and Chapatti also.

Q. Can I avail drinks in Sandakphu?

Oh yes, obviously. If you carry your own drink it's great. Else on top of Sandakphu, in Sunrise Hotel and Restaurant you can avail it with genuine price. In the evening this restaurant comes to live. People throng the place to enjoy the evening with tea, coffee or drinks of their own choice. A variety of Nepalese Beer (carlsberg, tuborg, kingfisher, Hit super strong beer) is available there. It's good in quality. In terms of hard drinks, people or trekkers generally prefer Old Monk Rum. Either you can buy a bottle or can enjoy it as peg. Choice is yours. It is the best place to spend the night with beats of Bollywood and Nepali songs.

Q. What is the best time for Sandakphu trek?

There are actually two seasons for Trekking, one is Summer and the other is Autumn or Winter.

Spring and Summer - End of March to May is comprises of Spring and Summer in the region. It is best time to behold the magnificent bloom of Rhododendron and Primulas. Sky remains partially clear.

Autumn and Winter - End of October to January is winter season in the region. It is best time to play with snow. Clear sky mainly prevails this time enhancing the possibilities for 100% crystal clear view of the mountain peaks and the range.

Q. Whether electricity is available in Sandakphu?

Yes, electricity is available in Sandakphu, but due to the low voltage, no Geyser or Room heater is available in Sandakphu or Phalut. Warm water is served in bucket on request. One bucket per room is free, extra will be chargable. In some guest house like PWD Bunglow of West Bengal Government electricity is available from evening [6 pm] to next day morning [8 am] only through solar power.

Q. How to reach Sandakphu from Kolkata/Delhi/Bengaluru/Mumbai?

For Sandalphu Trek, you have to arrive at the base city of North Bengal i.e. NJP (New Jalpaiguri) or Siliguri. In two ways you can reach there easily. There are lots of train from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to NJP or Siliguri.




















And the other option is Flight. Bagdogra (IXB) is the sole domestic airport in this region and has regular flight schedule from all of the above cities. So, from Bagdogra or NJP we will start our trip for our Base camp or starting point at Mane Bhanjan (90km / 3 hrs). After spending a night at Manebhanjan, we will start our trek to Sandakphu and will reach their by trekking in subsequent 3 days.

Sandakphu Landrover Tour Reviews

5 Stars Rating, out of 5
based on 179 Reviews

Sandakphu TrekkingFrom Google

Amit Kayal


Last year in the month of November, we took a Sandkaphu Trip along with family and friends. It was during the 3rd week of November and sky was unbelievably clear and the of view of Mout Kanchanjhugha and Mount Everest was mesmerizing and surreal. We took a Land Rover from Manebhanjan to Sandakphu and took around 4 hrs to reach. The road from Kalaphokri to Sandakphu is really very steep and almost 45 degree gradient, the road condition was good till Tumbling and then it was a rough bolder road. We stayed in Sunrise hotel in Sandakphu, though this hotel is in Nepal. This is the best hotel in Sandakphu with awesome view of the ranges from the hotel. The hospitality of Bhabiji was really warm and with her smile she has served us a lot. Overall our trip was great and we thank NatureWings for arranging such a nice trip.

Sandakphu Trekking PackageFrom Facebook

Rajesh Pradhan


Our Trip to Sandakphu and Phalut in last year December with friends was an amazing experience. We did it a mix trip, with car and trek. Though we took a car from Manebhanjan, we did a very good trek from Chitre to Tumling. It was through dense forest of Singalila National Park. We trekked from Chitre to Tumling, sometimes we followed the jeep route also. It took around 2 hrs to reach from Chitre to Tumling through trek, our car was waiting at Tumling and we took the car to reach Sandakphu. While returning, we took a trek route from Sandakphu to Kalaphokhri, it was a quick route and took around just one hour to climb down from Sandakphu to Kalaphokri. I suggest this type of mix experience for the future traveler in Sandakphu. The hotels in Sandakphu was basic and those who want to just enjoy the nature, they are welcome here as the facilities and amenities here in Sandakphu is really limited.

Sandakphu Trekking Package Booking from DelhiFrom Facebook

Harshbardhan Rane


Coming from a polluted city like Delhi, visiting mountains make me happy, and Sandakphu was next on my wish list for the 2019 visit. Being an old customer, I contracted NatureWings to arrange my trip, and Mr. Soumalya Ghosh, the specialist in this sector, explained everything with patience and provided me with a package for 4 nights along with some special discount for my loyalty.

After landing, we drove towards Manebhanjan, where we saw the legendary 50 - 70 years aged LandRover from the British period. On the next, we started our journeytowards Sandakphu on a 60 years old Land Rover along the bumpy road full of gravel and sharp turns enough to give you goosebumps. After reaching Sandakphu, we saw the stunning view of Mt.Kanchenjung and, Mt.Everest in a single frame drifting on clouds, followed by the spine chilly cold wind from the Himalayas that made us wear 3 clothes. Our stay at Sandakphu was for 2 nights, along with a day excursion to Phalut to see the Kanchenjunga more closely, and on the fourth day, we moved to Lepchajagat, a forested area.

We got decent and clean rooms with a mountain view while the food was average in taste but hot, network connectivity was terrible, but nature was at its best. The experience we got from this trip will be cherished forever, thank you NatureWings team for your effort, and Special thanks to Mr. Indrajeet Kar for tracking us.

Sandakphu Phalut Trekking CostFrom Facebook

Promothesh Don


We visited Sandakphu from Mumbai through NatureWings in 2020 beginning. This agency was suggested to me by my daughter after she read good reviews on Facebook from the Mumbaikars sharing their good experiences.
My daughter connected with this agency from Kolkata, where Mr. Soumalya Ghosh assisted with prompt service and thereby providing a fair priced itinerary. We received our hotel vouchers, driver details before the journey, and post landing at Bagdogra airport, our driver Mr.Gurung transferred us to Manebhanjan.
The next day, we started our journey towards Sandakphu via Indo Nepal border on a 70 years old noisy Land Rover inherited from the Britishers that craved out its way through the narrow road. Sandakphu has a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga, Everest, and other Himalayan peaks covered with snow and glitter with falling rays of the sun.
We spent two nights relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas at Sandakphu and visited Phaluk on our way to Tumling, a small hamlet with great views, and last night at Lepchajagat.
The selection of our hotels/homestays was up to the mark, the car was in good condition, including the Rover, and food was limited but hot and fresh. We had a great time in the lap of nature, thanks to Mr. Indrajeet for his regular follow-ups and perfect arrangements.

Sandakphu Trek by Land RoverFrom Facebook

Sachin Patil


We are 5 Trekking lovers from Gujarat, planned for Sandakphu Trek, the oldest and finest trekking point in India. While searching for a travel agent, we came across the NatureWings website and approached them to plan our trip based on the trekking route. Mr.Sandip Raha NatureWings, M.D. showed interest to design our trip and guided us very well along with a 5 nights/6 days perfect itinerary.
We reached Bagdogra with our big rucksack, and from there, our driver transferred us to Manebhanjan, the base point of our trek towards Sandakphu. Early morning we were on with our trekking shoes and left towards Sandakphu along with our experienced guide following the well-marked boulder path of colonial Land Rovers.

There were some shops and settlements where we sat with our tired legs and ate hot Maggi before progressing towards our final halt for the day at Gairibas.
We enjoyed our stay in a homestay where we chatted with the locals and met other trekker enthusiasts like us. This trekking route has mild to moderate difficulty, and on the way, it allows us to experience the rich flora and fauna of this region while giving a peep to the lifestyle of the locals. The guide was an experienced man and was climbing for the 25th time while entertaining us on the way up. After trekking for nearly 8 hours on the gravel road full of steep hike and rhododendron apart from the marvelous view of the mountains, we finally met our destination. We saw the glorious Kanchenjunga, Everest, and others peaks shining in the daylight while the sun busy playing hide and seek with the clouds. After spending 2 beautiful nights at Sandakphu in the tranquil environment surrounded by tall coniferous trees, we started our final trek towards Srikhola nearly 16 Kms from the origin. We reached the same day while trekking for 6 hours through the dense forest of Singalila full of flowering plants, butterflies, and singing birds.
After spending one tiring night in Srikhola, we left for Bagdogra airport for an onward journey. The highlight of this trip was this awestruck view of Mt.Kanchenjunga shining like a gigantic diamond with the falling moon rays and learning a few Nepali words from our guide.

Well, the trip was worth each penny from on trip follow-up by Mr.Indrajeet, to homestay and hotel selection, guide, food, and transfer, all was perfect, and we cherished every moment. Thanks a bunch for making our trip memorable and we do recommend you guys.