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The hidden treasure in the box of Darjeeling

Darjeeling has been synonymous with snow covered beauty of Kanchenjhungha for ages. Certainly the charm of this hill station, appropriately nicknamed as the 'Queen of the Hills' is unparallel, but availability of information and images on the web has made Darjeeling a very common place to visit though people book Darjeeling Package Tour a lot. Even if you haven't visited the place for long, you know what is waiting for you there. But the district of Darjeeling, spread over the gigantic mountains of North Bengal is a vast area and is ornamented with plenty of other sites, that very few people knew about even a few years back. Thanks to endless desire of exploration that some people have, such places are now gaining popularity as tourist spots. One such spot is Ramdhura, a quaint hamlet on the edge of the mountains, near Kalimpong on the way to Silk Route Tour.

Ramdhura is a small village, situated at a distance of just around seven to eight kilometers from Delo in Kalimopong and the hamlet is winninh hearts by ofering a stunning view of the Kanchenjungha and the Teesta river, flowing beneath a majestic green valley. The name Ramdhura is a combination of Ram (of Ramayana) and Dhura, which means village. The village is situated at a great height, above a dne forest of pine and other hilly trees and offers absolute tranquility, which many vacationers look for. Being a small, undereveloped village, which has caught the limelight very recently, Ramdhura cannot provie you with luxurious accommodation options, but one you reach the place, perhaps those luxuries will not mean much to you, since Ramdhura will delight you with its natural treasures by that time.

At Ramdhura, you can simply opt for domestic relaxtion or get out for meeting the hunger of the exoplorer within you. Fortunate location of Ramdhura makes it very easy for tourists to go out for a lovely sightseeing tour covering stuning sites in th vicinity like Icchey Gaon, Sillery Gaon, Pedong, Delo, Kalimpong, Lava and Loleygaon. You may arrange a car or may also opt for a short jungle trek on the slopes of the mountains and walk through the cinchona plantation. the route will take you to Icchey Gaon and Sillery Gaon and on the way you are likely to catch glimpses of varieties of Himalayan birds. There are not much tourist attractions in and around Ramdhura, except the Delo Nature Park, Durpin Dara Monastery, Hanuman Tok viewpoint and Mahaev Dham Temple, but that is unlikely to disappoint you since there is endless scope to explore Mother Natuire around. What will certainly impress you is Ramitey Dara rom where you will enjoy the longest view of the emerald green water of Teesta and the Valley of Silence.

Unavailability of luxurious accommodation doesn't mean there is no scope to stay at Ramdhura. this small Himalayan village offers two homestays offering all mountain view rooms. Both the buildings are locatyed right on the edge of the mountain and hence ensure an uninterrupted glimpse of the glorious snow-covered mountain range. What makes Ramdhura even more charming is an open terrace standing like a cliff with breakfast tables from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the picturesque surroundings. Both the homestays provide home cooked food at lunch and dinner and you can trust the quakliy since the ingredients are brought fresh from the surroundings.

Reaching Ramdhura is very easy. After reaching NJP by train or bus, you can book or share a car ride with others up to Kalimpong. Both the homestays in Ramdhura provie pick up service from Kalimpong and hence there is nothing to worry about. Darjeeling is stunning but continuous exploration on its heart has rduced its ability to surprise visitors. So choose Ramdhura on your next weekend trip and explore a place which is slowly making its place in the list of tourist attractions in the hills of Bengal.

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Hotels & Homestays in Ramdhura

Sl NoHotel NameTariff FromTariff To
1. Coniferous(Deluxe) Rs. 1000(Per head/ per day) Rs. 1200(Per head/ per day)
2. Jojolapha(Standard) Rs. 800(Per head/ per day) Rs. 900(Per head/ per day)
2. Ebenzer(Standard) Rs. 800(Per head/ per day) Rs. 900(Per head/ per day)