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Destination Rongli



A paradise in the lap of the Himalayas.

Rongli is a very small village well preserved in the lap of the foothills of the Himalayas. A small town in the eastern part of the country the village is probably one of the most ancient routes towards Kapup & Nathula , if one considers to travel from towards North Sikkim. Rongpo river crosses the heart of Rongli, hence the name. Being a beautiful tourist destination, the unique selling point of Rongli is lush greenery, hilly terrain and the serenity of Himalayas. The river Rongpo divides the village from the middle, creating natural walkways by its beautiful sides to reach Rhenock , another small town in the lap of the foothills. Rongli is one of the main hubs , which has a significant trade and investment happening across the village. Thus Rongli happens to be a major hub, in the region of eastern Sikkim. Major destinations which connect Rongli to Gangtok, include Lingtam, Zuluk or Reshi and also some parts of Phadamchen.On the way to Rongli, there are other destinations which include Dhupidhara, Keukhola water Falls, Ghambari falls, lungthung, Salamidhara etc, which shall provide a respite to your tired eyes, especially if you happen to be the urban lot! Although you do have anything great to see here, there is a trade centre and rongli market which is one of the main hub of attractions. Besides, you can just take an easy stroll across the lush green hilly walkways to enjoy the eternity of natural selections.

Location & How to Reach:

you can reach Rongli from Siliguri/NJP via Rongpo or via Kalimpong,Pedong,Reshikhola,Rhenok.

Source Destination Distance(Km) Approx Road Journey Time (In Hrs)
NJP Rongli 110 4-5hrs
Zuluk Rongli 35 2-2.5hrs
Rongpo Rongli 30 1-1.5hrs

Accoommodation: There is only one beautiful resort in the Rongli on the bank of river Rongli and away from muddy crowed of Rongli Bazar, which offer a comfortable stay for the tourists. Food offered is of Indian and Chinese variety, with a lot of meat and eggs being made available. The hotel offers view of Rangli river from the rooms and provide for all kinds of basic amenities like Geyser,satellite television.

Climate: Summer around 10°-20° C,winter around 5°-15° C .

Altitude: 5200 ft.

Clothing & Luggage: Travel as light as possible with least minimum clothes, toiletries and other essential commodities & as these areas is cold throughout the year it is advisable to carry warm woolen clothes, woolen mittens, gloves, cap etc. During the month of Dec to Feb , Rongli is very cold and often experiences heavy snowfall. Please carry heavy woolen garments during winter.

Food And Drink: Drink only bottled water. Please carry your water from Pedong or Siliguri. It is always advisable to carry dry foods like biscuits, chips, dry fruits, fruits etc.

Health Facility & Health Precautions: There are Govt. and private Health facility available in Rongli.Guest can contact Mr. Dilip Pradhan of Shrestha Medicine for any kind of emergencies.

Card Payment & ATM: There is only one ATM is available in Rongli.However no merchant establishment will accept any credit card/debit card. Telephone / Mobile phones:All operators mobile signals are available in Rongli.


Rongli river: The beautiful hilly river passes through Rongli town and in upper Rongli there is beautiful dam onthis river.

Aritar/Lampokhri Lake: Tourist can also visit Aritar a small beautiful villege nestled in the lap of Himalayas and can enjoy the boating in the Lampokhri Lake ,highest boating Lake in the Sikkim.It is around one hour from Rongli.

Mankhim: On top of Lampokhri Lake Tourist can enjoy the Ranges of Himalaya like Mount Kanchanjangha from Mankhim top.You can also enjoy the top view of the Lampokhri Lake from Mankhim.

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